CompNet, Boston University Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology CompNet, Boston University Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology

About CompNet

The Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology (CompNet) is an interdisciplinary research center at Boston University that fosters collaborative research and education on mechanisms of neural computation and their applications. By providing administrative support, programs to stimulate scientific interaction, shared research and meeting space, and other infrastructure, CompNet brings together scientists from multiple fields in science and engineering and from all stages of training.

CompNet is led by Director Barbara Shinn-Cunningham and co-Director Nancy Kopell.

Through its varied activities, CompNet builds the interdisciplinary community needed to address the complexities of contemporary problems in neuroscience using advanced computational and technological solutions, and to apply solutions learned from and inspired by brain mechanisms to technological applications. By fostering collaboration of investigators from disparate departments, CompNet supports quantitative research that overcomes artificial barriers that impede creativity and scientific progress.

Educational activities include working closely with the university-wide Graduate Program for Neuroscience (GPN) to coordinate activities in support of students in the GPN computational neuroscience specialization, providing administrative support for current students in the Graduate Program in Cognitive and Neural Systems (CNS), developing interdisciplinary training grants to support graduate students engaged in research within CompNet’s research domain, and allocating space and other resources to enrich the research activities of students and postdoctoral trainees. By engaging graduate students early in their careers with interdisciplinary research and training, CompNet cultivates a new generation of scientists with the tools and knowledge necessary to address emerging problems in computational neuroscience and neural technology.

CompNet welcomes involvement of faculty, staff, and students from across Boston University. Membership in CompNet is open to all Boston University faculty, staff, and trainees with a major research or teaching interest in computational neuroscience or related technology and who actively engage in CompNet activities. See Joining CompNet for more information on becoming part of the CompNet community.

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