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Outreach and Meeting Initiative

The Outreach and Meeting Initiative provides financial support for activities organized by CompNet members that promote CompNet research and foster collaboration, including (but not limited to) workshops, hosting guest speakers, professional training, or any other events or purposes that could benefit our community. Seed money for interactions that could lead to future collaborations is also possible. We are eager to support any such activities that would not happen without CompNet support. If you have an idea for some event that you are interested in organizing, we welcome your proposal.

Funding preference will be given to proposals that bring the CompNet community together. The greater the number of CompNet colleagues served by the activity, the more favorably the proposal will be viewed, but we are open to all ideas. For instance, bringing in a CompNet-relevant speaker for an event that is open to the whole BU community would be fantastic; funding a visiting scientist to come to work with one or two collaborators on a specific project may also be approved, especially if the visit is likely to get new research project off the ground. Proposed uses do not have to be large: requests of any size are okay, be it a pizza lunch with a visiting scientist, a one-day workshop that brings in external speakers, or even more grandiose plans—we are limited only by our imaginations and our budget.

Proposals should include a brief description of purpose; an indication of who would lead the effort and take care of logistics, if funded; any CompNet resources (e.g., staff, space) that will be needed; and an estimated budget. Any proposal that is missing any of these components will be returned without review. In order to maximize what CompNet can do, we also ask for a sentence or two describing what other funds may be sought to augment CompNet’s contribution to an activity, especially for larger-scale projects.

Proposals will be carefully evaluated by the CompNet Outreach and Meeting Initiatives Committee (COMIC). COMIC will give a funding recommendation to the CompNet Director Barbara Shinn-Cunningham and co-Director Nancy Kopell who will make the ultimate funding decision. We anticipate that going forward, the review process will take approximately one month.

Application Files

Below is the current Call for Proposals file: